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Welcome to St. Matthew #670

St. Matthew Lodge #670, Prince Hall Affiliated was organized in April 1958 under the leadership of Worshipful Master Alexander Lucas. Throughout the decades, St. Matthew Lodge #670 has always been in the forefront of Freemasonry and has been an influential body not only in south Florida but also throughout the entire Florida jurisdiction. St. Matthew Lodge’s members, especially its Past Masters, are an intricate part of all of South Florida’s Masonic activities, holding several State Grand Offices within various Masonic Houses. We are well know for originally inventing the “zone concept” that is now used in our jurisdiction. The Lodge members have always supported and assisted other Lodges, as well as our community, not only financially but also through guidance, direction and purpose. The Members volunteer time, monetary assistance and donations of time and effort to many community based institutions such as schools, community parks, recreational facilities, the homeless and mostly the needy while never forgetting our duties of caring for our distress Brothers, their widows and orphans.

St. Matthew 670 Members

Worshipful Master
Jose D. Zayas

Senior Warden
Lamont Summersett

Junior Warden
Michael Sellars

Bro. Manuel Tosado

Jeff Lorenzo

Senior Deacon
Bro. Thomas Cook

Junior Deacon
Bro. Ronni Irving

Marc Villanueva

Past Master
Walter P. Russell

Past Master
Craig E. Hall

Past Master
Timothy Merriman

M. Omar Frazier

Jahmal Ervin

Jermain Ferguson

Jerry King

Guy Evans


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